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Living Room Design Without Spending too Much


Your living room design reflects your personal style. You can design your living room attractively without spending too much, using creativity and forethought.

Your living room design should match the architecture of the house.  It should not be too personal or too vintage. A neutral design will appeal to your family members, friends and guests. While aesthetics are a significant aspect of a living room design, you should ensure that your living room design is functional too.

A good living room design involves placing only necessary furniture and decorations in the room to avoid giving the room a congested look and feel. You should opt for soothing pastel shades and neutral hues like beige or white for your living room. These colors lend an atmosphere of relaxation to the room and at the same time give you more options for choosing furniture.

Your living room design must incorporate layered lighting. This enables spotlighting particular areas of the room like reading area or the entertainment section. Uniform lighting can be used for general lighting. Accent lights and disco lights can be used for home parties. Glazed cabinets and tables with shiny polished tops reflect light and make the room more attractive. Mirrors with attractive frames can also be used for the same effect.

Your living room design is enhanced by the use of sofa sets with bright colored fabrics. They make the room feel bigger than it actually is. Throw pillows on the sofas, in bold or pastel colors make the room cozy and inviting. Soft foam cushions wrapped in polyester fiber that give a casual feel to the room may also be used. Seating areas may be defined with rugs and carpets. Rugs can be used as decorative wall hangings as well.

Windows may be decorated with stylish curtains, shades, draperies or blinds. Accessories like coordinating flowers, ornate inserts and vases, scented candles, pot-pourri and exquisite figurines and statuettes add a touch of class and beauty to the living room design. Classic bookshelves and sleek entertainment centers have also become essential decorations of living rooms.

Implementing a good living room design is important as it helps you showcase your house and make a good impression on beholders.