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Outdoor Lounge – Off to The Open Air Living Room

In the garden and on the terrace it is becoming more and more homely. The Outdoor Lounge invites you to relax after work and on weekends. The Dedon Brixx collection brings comfort and style of modern designer sofas to the outside.

Terrace and balcony are often referred to as extended living room. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine in peace and quiet, sit together with friends and celebrate parties. What takes place indoors from October to spring is moved outdoors with the Outdoor Lounge. The special thing about the Outdoor Lounge: It moves the living room outside. This makes life in the open air just as beautiful as indoors.

Leave Lying and Lying Down

As soon as it gets warmer, many people feel the urge to spend as much time as possible in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. After work, on weekends, even on holiday. The outdoor area is therefore becoming more and more homely and what used to be a simple seating area in the garden is now becoming an outdoor lounge with comfortable lounge furniture, outdoor textiles and weatherproof accessories. If you can, let the sun shine around your nose in the comfortable summer retreat.

What is Typical Outdoor Lounge?

The lounge in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony brings living room flair to the outside. Like the sofa corner in the living room, the lounge is also homely with thick upholstery and comfortable seating. An atmosphere like in the living area is mainly achieved by low seating and table heights. Instead of ordinary garden chairs, the Lounge Area is characterized by armchairs and deep sofas. Soft upholstery and many upholstery underline the living room character. The lounge furniture is particularly suitable for outdoor use through the use of weatherproof materials: rattan and polyrattan, teak, powder-coated aluminium and outdoor fabrics made of synthetic fibres.

Weatherproof Material and Homeliness

Lounge furniture is expansive and cannot be easily cleared away, for example when it rains. Therefore, the furniture must be UV and moisture resistant. Many outdoor lounge sofas and armchairs, especially those made of polyrattan or similar plastics, can also be stored outside during the winter. If there is no place in the dry for them, they are carefully covered. Et Voila, her winter quarters are ready. Cushions, upholstery and outdoor carpets, however, are part of wintering in the dry. Although they are usually water and mold repellent, a wet and cold winter still pushes the material to its limits.

Legs Long and Soaking up The Sun?

The Outdoor Lounge is there to relax. For outdoor dining, it is better to choose the dining table. An outdoor lounge is always a question of space. With the right dimensions, however, lounge furniture can be accommodated even on a balcony and the balcony can be transformed into an urban haven of relaxation. Side tables, thick pillows and portable lights crown the open-air living room. Decorated in this way, warm hours of sunshine can be spent wonderfully outside – lounge, lying, sunbathing, reading or however you personally relax best.