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Trend Color Black in Interior Design: Rely On a Timeless and Noble Design

If you want to rely on a timeless yet noble design in your interior design, the trend color black is just right. Whether black kitchen fronts or furniture, a dark living room or black paint on the wall — we show what should be paid attention to when furnishing with black.

The trend color black has a special effect on rooms.

The trend color black has a special effect on rooms.

Often the color black is associated with grief, Gothic style or a lack of style awareness. The dark color actually stands for noble purism. Properly combined, a straightforward design can add elegance and character to a home. Thanks to discreet restraint, you can also set targeted color accents and provide a wow effect. Furniture, floor coverings or accessories of different colors can only really come into their own thanks to black. So the secret lies in the right color combination. The apartment of a single man in Kiev, for example, shows what is possible: in combination with rich, natural colors such as wine red or anthracite gray, the designer has given the apartment contrast and dynamism.

When it comes to the question of which furnishing styles and colors harmonize with each other, black is a real all-rounder. The color matches the purist living style as well as the colonial style. Nor can you go wrong with black in industrial style and vintage style.

With which colors does the trend color black harmonize?

Black offers a lot of leeway when it comes to combining it with other colors. If you want to achieve a more homely, warm effect, experts recommend mixtures of the basic colors red, yellow and blue. In addition to petrol tones, black also goes well with cream or beige. The natural tones are intensified and the apartment receives a noble charisma. You don't have to paint the wall black right away. How about a decor in subtle natural colors that gets that certain something with black kitchen appliances or accessories? Black door handles also exude elegance and are a way to make your own home look more modern with little effort and cost.

It is particularly rich in contrast when you combine black with white. Many furniture stores have discovered this trend for themselves and offer their customers, for example, kitchens in which black counter tops are combined with white furniture.

For which rooms are the trend color black suitable?

For which rooms are the trend color black suitable?

Through the targeted use of the color black, every living room gets more depth and cosines. For example, a combination of light furniture and a light wall color with black small furniture and accessories comes into question. The result is a harmonious symbiosis. If you like photography or are an art lover, you should also think of black and white photographs as wall decoration. In addition, carpets, pillows and woolen blankets in ethnic style are available.

Because the bedroom is seen by many only as a retreat, it is often neglected in interior design. A well-thought-out mix of black and light color combinations can also achieve a lot here. Depending on personal taste, for example, white, playful furniture and a white wallpaper could be combined with black dots and refined with dark candles. As a wall color in the bedroom, black is less suitable.

Why does a country kitchen always have to be completely white? With black cabinet fronts, a bright seating area and modern tiles, you remain true to the American country house style in the kitchen and still create an individual kitchen that stands out clearly from others. Checkered towels and curtains with grey and white cross stripes go well with it. Another possibility: white fronts with a dark floor. If black is used rather discreetly — for example, for door handles, window frames, lamps or small decorative elements — the color is also suitable for bathrooms and hallways.