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Making Cool Autumn Decorations for The Window

Making Cool Autumn Decorations for The Window

In autumn, you can tinker with what you can, and there are so many wonderful ideas with which you can even decorate every single area of your house afterwards. However, the window is often neglected. So that this is not the case for you, we would like to provide you today with some great ideas with which you can make beautiful autumn decorations for the window. There are also craft ideas for children, so you can get creative with the whole family or if you want to keep a kindergarten group busy. We hope you enjoy working!

Autumn decoration for the window make with craft clay and leaves

Making Cool Autumn Decorations for The Window

If the autumn decoration for the window is to be hanging, such pieces of jewelry can be made from simple craft clay, which are easily tied to the curtain rod with yarn. Mounted in groups and at different heights, the pendants look particularly pretty. Roll out the sound as thinly as possible so that the sunlight can shine through later. So you can make the autumn decoration for the window:

  • Self-drying craft clay or salt dough
  • Autumn leaves (collected in advance and pressed into a book for 2 days)
  • Napkin glue and brushes
  • Rolling pin
  • Cup, glass or round cutter and straw

If you want to make the autumn decoration for the window from salt dough, start making it. A recipe can be found here. If you use clay, you can roll it out directly and then out the shapes you want. The decorations do not have to be round. Of course, you can also choose other shapes. With the straw you then cut out holes for hanging.

Apply glue to the cut-out shapes and glue the leaves tightly. You can then, if you wish, apply yet another layer over it to seal the sheet, but this step is optional. Then let the pendants dry and become firm (with clay according to the package instructions, salt dough takes about 2-3 days and can be pressed with a book so that the dough does not bend). If you have not applied a second layer of glue, you can now apply a layer of transparent nail polish or hairspray for sealing.

Decorate the window sill

Pumpkins are simply part of the decoration in autumn. That's why we also present you with an idea for this. If you want to make autumn decorations for the window, do not forget the window sill, because it offers the perfect space for decorations. And since you're probably going to carve pumpkins anyway, save a few of them for that area. By the way, the knife is not the only tool you can use to perforate and cut the pumpkins. A simple drill, for example, is suitable for drilling holes in the pumpkin and then using it like a classic lantern.

If you want to make this autumn decoration for the window, do not cut the pumpkin on top as usual, but on its underside. Then hollow it out. With adhesive tape, you can then mark the places you want to pierce and then drill the larger holes first. In between, you can then add smaller holes with a smaller attachment, after which you wash off the pumpkin. With a pipe cleaner, you can then free the holes from pulp residues. Put the finished lantern over an LED candle.

Autumn decoration for windows and children with toilet rolls make your own

Making Cool Autumn Decorations for The Window

Everyone probably knows window images from window colors. But we will now show you another variant. And you can also make beautiful autumn decorations for the window with glue and toilet paper rolls. This is how these pieces of jewelry are made:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • PVA adhesive (wood glue/craft glue); should become transparent after drying
  • Watercolors
  • Clothespins
  • Parchment paper
  • Adhesive tape

If you want to make this interesting autumn decoration for the window, first cut the toilet rolls into rings. Then take a ring and squeeze it together in two opposite places to get an oval leaf shape. At the two folds, cut the cardboard a little. Now prepare a thinner strip, which you also squeeze and glue together both sides. Put some glue in the incisions of the first ring and insert the second, thinner ring into these cracks. With a clothespin, then squeeze one of the two pointed ends together after adding a little glue there as well. Put the leaf aside and make more or combine with apples.

Then lay out baking paper and spread the made leaves and apples on it once the glue has dried. Then fill the molds up to about half with glue and let them dry for several days. The glue should become transparent during this time. So be sure to buy the right glue. So that the adhesive does not run out of the bottom again when filling, you should press the mold well. After that, you can use a book or cutting board and place it on the ready-filled molds.

Once the glue is dried and transparent, you can paint your autumn decoration in matching colors. With watercolors, you can create pretty gradients. Don't forget to dye the cardboard as well. After that, glue the decorations to the window panes with adhesive tape or provide them with holes and string for hanging.

Making autumn decorations for the window with children – decorating with leaves

Use the collected and dried leaves such as window pictures and directly decorate the window pane with them. You can now glue certain areas so that it looks as if the leaves have been blown by wind or you cover the entire window, which would be suitable for a bath or a chamber, for example. So you can quickly make a beautiful autumn decoration for the window:

  • Dried or artificial autumn leaves
  • Foil adhesive on both sides

Think about which areas of the window you want to decorate and cut the foil accordingly. Attach the foil and the leaves can be glued on. Nothing more is needed! Alternatively, you can also get double-sided adhesive tape and only stick individual sheets to the window pane if you make this autumn decoration for windows yourself.

Making autumn decorations for the window – wreath made of paper sheets

Making Cool Autumn Decorations for The Window

The wreath traditionally decorates the entrance door, but can also be found on windows. Together with the children, however, you can make a wreath of autumn leaves made of paper, which you do not hang in front of the window as usual, but stick directly to the window. If you want to make such an autumn decoration for the window, you can proceed in different ways:

Cut out a paper ring as well as leaf shapes in autumn shapes and stick the leaves on the ring so that it is completely covered at the end and no longer visible. For this purpose, you need to overlap the leaves. Finally, cut again along the inner circle to remove protruding paper from the sheets and get an even ring. Or:

Use an embroidery frame or wire ring and draw and cut the sheets twice (as seen in the acorn sheet). You do not separate the two mirror sides from each other. Instead, you place the piece that connects the two parts together around the ring and then glue the two leaf parts together. With double-sided adhesive tape, you can then stick the wreath to the window.

Real wreath

Of course, you can also make a "real" wreath as an autumn decoration for the window, if you like it better. And again, there are so many different possibilities that you can make a beautiful window wreath even with little to no plugging and binding experience. For example, look at the example above. All you need is a wreath of willow branches or vines, which you can even buy ready-made. Then stick fruits and nuts on it with hot glue. Be careful not to choose fruits that are too heavy, otherwise the glue will not be able to hold them. Tie a ribbon for hanging. So easy and cheap you can make an autumn wreath as an autumn decoration for the window!

Autumn star made of parchment paper as a window picture

Stars seem more like a Christmas decoration at first glance, but with the right colors, they really become autumnal. Get parchment paper in yellow, orange, red, brown and/or castle dog (you need four different colors per star), put your glue stick ready and you can make this autumn decoration for the window. There are different folding techniques for origami stars that you can use if you want to make stars as an autumn decoration for the window. We'll show you one of probably the easiest ones (the star in the picture at the top right) so that even small children can easily tinker along. Here's how it works:

If your paper does not have a square shape, cut such shapes first. Then place a square in front of you and fold it once diagonally in the middle. Unfold the paper again and place it so that the fold points from top to bottom. Take the two corners on the right and left fold them up to the fold. Then take the two new corners that were created further up right and left and fold them to the fold.

So you have already finished the first spike. You need a total of 8 spikes (2 per color). These are then glued together, as can be seen in the instructions, until you get a star with which you can decorate the window.

Branch with leaves of egg carton hanging in front of the window

Get an egg carton, which is best curved a little flatter than the usual ones, and start crafting. In no time at all, you will receive such pretty leaves, which you can then hang in groups on a branch or branch and this in turn on the window. Of course, you can also use this decoration idea for other areas in the house. For example, you can make a garland as an autumn decoration for the window or decorate the mantelpiece or the stair railing with it. This is how the leaves are made:

Place the egg carton on a base and let the children get creative. With acrylic paints in autumn nuances and brushes, they can paint the egg carton. After that, the paint needs to dry well, after which you can cut out leaf shapes. It doesn't have to be complicated maple or chestnut leaves. Simple drop shapes with a few spikes at the edges are enough to tell what it is. Pierce holes in the leaves and tie string tightly. Hang the leaves on a branch or directly on the curtain rod at different heights.

Tips: As long as the colors are still wet, you can sprinkle them with a little glitter to make the leaves look even prettier. Alternatively, spray and brush them with a little glue and then sprinkle the glitter over them. You can also play with the colors as you like when you make this autumn decoration for the window.