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7 Kitchen Ideas and Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Especially in a kitchen that is used a lot, kitchen decoration does not look very advantageous. The steam and fat particles freeze the dust during cooking and form a sticky layer on everything that was beautifully displayed on the shelves. Everyone who cares about cleanliness in the kitchen tends to stay away from kitchen decoration, as it involves more cleaning work. But we can reassure you. There are some kitchen decorating tips that won't cause you any extra work.

Idea 1: Rely on Decorative Kitchen Utensils

No matter what style you follow in your kitchen, there are suitable kitchen utensils that can also be used as part of kitchen decor: stunning chrome for modern kitchens, pastel colors and rounded corners for romantic and retro kitchens, as well as antique style kitchen appliances and country style kitchen appliances. All visible kitchen appliances, which typically include the oven, dishwasher, toaster, side-by-side refrigerator, kettle, and coffee maker, must also have the same or color match. It is best if the most eye-catching color or the color of the largest kitchen appliance also appears in one place or another in the room.

Idea 2: Wall Clocks as a Decoration in The Kitchen

The clock certainly should not be missing in the kitchen. Incorporate the clock into your kitchen décor. Think about which kitchen wall and at what height the clock should be hung, how much space there is and whether you prefer a round or square wall clock. Then comes the question of the material and whether the wall clock should be monophonic or decorated with an ornament, such as the Levandeo wall clock. It's made of glass and features a cast iron skillet with bundles of herbs. The wall clock is available in square or round shape, weighs 1.2 kg, has a sturdy wall bracket and is powered by AA battery, which is not included.

Idea 3: Decorate The Kitchen With Flea Market Discoveries

For home permits, in the attic of the grandmother or in the flea market: kitchen decorations, not only for country-style kitchens and old kitchens, are welcome to be used or even used. Because this is exactly what makes scales, utensils, cans, bread cans, bowls, cups, cookbooks, and other kitchenware so charming. The places of use make it unique. You have several options for arranging such treasures: you can decorate the shelf, display the decoration on a suspension rail, directly on the kitchen wall, in a beautiful vase, on the worktop or on the kitchen table. In order not to cause chaos when decorating the kitchen, you should limit what you find in the flea market to kitchenware and offer a few things that are irrelevant.

Idea 4: Use Tile Stickers as a Décor in The Kitchen

To give the old tile a new look or simply to set new accents in a new kitchen, you can glue the tiles when decorating the kitchen. There are tile stickers in many different colors and with many different decorations. Traditional kitchen motifs such as fruits, vegetables, coffee pots or cups, but also geometric patterns, mosaic patterns, such as Portuguese azulejos, with which you decorate your kitchen as if you were on a year-round holiday. Tile stickers Pattern tile badges are one of these examples. The 24 squares are oil-repellent, waterproof and can withstand up to 120 ° C. Their size is 15 × 15 cm and is easy to attach. If your tile is smaller, you can cut the tile stickers with scissors.

Idea 5: Accessories and Utensils Useful as Kitchen Decor

Similar to the idea of using kitchen utensils as assistants when decorating a kitchen, other everyday objects can also be integrated into the concept of kitchen décor and help you make the kitchen homely. Kitchen accessories and utensils as well as textiles such as curtains or roller blinds, tablecloths, place blankets, tea towels, sponges and detergent containers, but also containers of cooking spoons, partners and order assistants as well as cutting boards and knife blocks are ideal for this. The following apply: Uniform color or style is a must. Otherwise, visual chaos prevails and elegant kitchen decoration does not work. Choose these things wisely and do not be ashamed to buy a slightly more unusual part that you adapt other decorative objects to. Cups, dishes, spores and other dishes, which are properly organized, for example in the kitchen cabinet with glass inserts, on a panel shelf or on a bar hanging under the shelf, are other examples of kitchen decoration that does not cause additional work.

Idea 6: Decorative Plants and Vases on The Shelves in The Kitchen

Herbs and edible flowers seasoning any dish and at the same time can be used as a décor in the kitchen. With the herb collection from OwnGrow, the most important twelve kitchen herbs germinate in your kitchen in no time at all - not only the herbs themselves, but also the pots in which you grow them contribute to the décor. Rosemary, parsley, dill, sage & partners are seed-proof seeds and excellent seeds that have organic quality. If you do not want to go under herbal witches, you can provide a sustainable decoration in the kitchen with a houseplant in a color-matching pot. Also vases with cut flowers, or, if you do not have a green thumb, vases with dried flowers are real eye-catching in the kitchen.

Idea 7: Design The Kitchen With Pictures

Art has found its way into the kitchen for a while. And this is not about the images in the calendar of the family planner or about the paintings on which fruit bowls can be seen, but about modern business prints, advertising posters, photos, images of logos, postcards, message boards, abstract and also homemade. Photos and their frames should match the color of the rest of the kitchen, but they should not be the same color. A combination of vertical and horizontal formatting works best. By the way, photos and photos can also be placed on the kitchen shelf. You do not always have to hang on the wall of the kitchen.