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13 Ideas Window Light Decorations for Christmas

13 Ideas Window Light Decorations for Christmas

Without the Christmas lights, no Christmas decoration is complete. If you have postponed the decoration of the apartment to the last moment, then these ideas come in handy now. Because with window light decorations for Christmas, you immediately put the house in a festive mood both inside and out. Let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful ideas for window decoration with Christmas lights and give your Christmas decoration the finishing touch.

Window Light Decorations for Christmas: The most beautiful ideas at a glance

13 Ideas Window Light Decorations for Christmas

The Christmas season has already begun and the anticipation increases with every open door of the Advent calendar. For all those who are still not finished with the Christmas decorations, we have collected these ideas for atmospheric Christmas lights in the window. Regardless of the shape and size of your windows, with some hanging fairy lights or a few illuminated figures on the windowsill, you will immediately feel the Christmas spirit.

1. Attach a string of lights for the windows inside

Fairy lights are always a guarantee of an atmospheric ambiance. Hang simple fairy lights on the windows to take advantage of the effect both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they help improve the views, which means your home will feel festive and cozy in any weather. Fairy lights combine wonderfully with other window decorations such as stickers and decorations on the windowsill.

2. Window light decorations for Christmas with a light curtain

With a light curtain, you can make an entire window shine. The hanging Christmas lights can be easily attached to the curtain rod and simply look magical behind thin curtains. The light curtain also serves as outdoor Christmas lights without you having to hang it in the cold. In this way, you can also put neighbors and passers-by in the Christmas mood.

3. Atmospheric star curtain

The light curtain does not necessarily have to consist of simple fairy lights. Among the most beautiful ideas are curtains with stars or snowflakes that will give your home even more Christmas spirit.

4. Hang different fairy lights as accents

The fairy lights can also have any other shape. It is best to choose such lights that will match the rest of your Christmas decorations and complement them beautifully. Fairy lights with leaves, for example, are well suited for decoration with a natural look, whereby a luminous chain with Christmas balls would harmonize perfectly with a classic Christmas decoration.

5. Decorate the windowsill with lights

The windowsill is the perfect exhibition space for luminous decorations. Decorate them with draped Christmas garlands or simple fairy lights to create a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your decorations. Even a few illuminated Christmas decorations of different sizes are enough to make a window shine.

6. DIY windowsill decoration for Christmas with lights

But you don't necessarily have to buy ready-made figures to decorate the windowsill. With simple fairy lights and a few empty glasses, you can quickly and easily make an atmospheric Christmas light in the window yourself. Put some of the lights in the glasses and wrap the rest around some garlands. Decorate the area in between with pine cones or Christmas baubles and your illuminated window decoration is ready.

7. Wonderful decoration idea for the kitchen window

13 Ideas Window Light Decorations for Christmas

The windows are like a blank canvas that you can turn into a magical place for Christmas. And lighting plays the main role. Windows with wide window sills such as the kitchen window can be decorated with luminous houses and fir trees and thus create your own illuminated Christmas village. Combine with hanging decorations and beautiful garlands for the window frame to give the whole thing another festive touch.

8. Window frame decoration for inside

In order for your windows to open and close easily, you should choose a decoration that allows this. The best option would be to decorate only the window frame. Garlands are best suited for this because they can frame the window nicely without blocking it. If you provide the garland with a sparkling string of lights, you will immediately get window light decorations for Christmas.

9. Scandinavian Christmas lights in the window with luminous stars

The luminous stars are a classic Christmas lighting in the window in Scandinavian countries. These luminous eye-catchers can be found in the paper as well as metal or plastic and they are among the most popular Christmas decorations for windows ever.

10. Shining stars as decoration for inside and outside

The Advent stars are usually hung in the window so that they are also visible from the outside. More and more often, however, you will also find standing variants that can be placed directly on the windowsill.

11. Hanging Christmas lights in the window with artificial candles

Also with candles, you can conjure up beautiful light accents in the window during the Christmas season. We recommend the use of artificial candles for window decoration. You can also arrange the candles hanging to decorate the whole window. We really like these hanging rings, don't you?

12. Make your own Advent lighting for windows

With fairy lights, you can also make your homemade decoration shine. For example, you can make a simple star out of a few branches and wrap it with lights. Then hang the star on the window to install mood lighting both inside and outside.

13. Christmas lights in the window for outdoor use

For Christmas, you can also decorate your windows outside with lights. For this, you need to use special fairy lights for outdoor use. Here's a nice idea you can try: light up your Christmas-decorated flower boxes with some fairy lights. So they also look wonderful in the evening and spread the Christmas spirit in the outdoor area.