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Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

The times of pandemic have had its ups and downs, but the positive thing about it all is the free time we were able to spend at home. This was not only a good opportunity to thoroughly clean all the rooms, but also to check their décor. Even more than before, our house has become a place where we spend most of our time, and that has inspired us all to make some practical changes.

If you still haven't done anything special for these changes, don't worry! We have prepared a list of the hottest trends in kitchen and dining room design in autumn that you can try at home. Some of them apply to certain interior designs, but in most cases, they are quite universal and can be adapted to any existing kitchen décor.

Carved in Stone - Kitchen and dining room design

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

The texture designed to look like marble stone is probably one of the most popular new kitchen units for small kitchen design ideas. Finally, it's taking a big step in the world of home design and we can't wait to try it out in different combinations!

Marble stone and its imitations look great when applied to pieces of furniture such as kitchen islands and cabinets. And don't worry, you don't always have to buy a real marble stone! There are many overlays available on the market to help you achieve this effect.

Our personal favorite choice is to bring the marble texture to the wall, which goes well with dark kitchen furniture.

Below you can see our attitude to this hot trend. Black Nordic cabinets form a wonderful contrast to bright marble walls. You can also achieve such an effect with our tailor-made IKEA kitchen doors and fronts in Nordic style.

Colorful kitchen design ideas for victory!

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

The kitchen feature wall ideas is a space where we all spend a lot of time during the day. So, it's fun! There's no need to spend a lot of money experimenting with our favorite colors. Sometimes it is enough to paint the walls in a different shade or change the kitchen handles and buttons in our cabinets.

The braver you are, the better. There is nothing more exciting in home decor than creating an interesting contrast in your calm interior. For example, if your kitchen units for small kitchen is designed with bright colors and minimalist textures, the bright yellow kitchen island might be enough to make this project memorable!

There are several ways to experiment with vivid contrasting colors, and there's no single good way to get it right. All kitchen design ideas can be mastered in practice!

Here we present our kitchen feature wall ideas of an interesting kitchen space where contrast plays a big role. The white walls help create an organized and minimalist space, which is then loosened up with Nordic+ Circle fronts in vivid turquoise. Pretty refreshing!

Pale wood is back in the kitchen

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

All good kitchen units for small kitchen design ideas use wood as a powerful way to warm up any interior. Oak and walnut have been in vogue for some time in various rustic projects. Now is the time to prefer lighter wood tones. The market is flooded with wonderful bamboo and ash wood designs.

We really appreciate this style as it gives our kitchens a warm touch and makes them even more welcoming. The light wood also has a wonderful effect by illuminating our rooms and making the most of the natural sunlight during the day.

This trend is very close to our hearts because we have created several designs in our Bambus+ collection. Below you can see our interpretation of the IKEA kitchen, designed with our tailor-made Noremax bamboo Instyle for kitchen cabinet doors and fronts. Discover how wonderfully light and quiet the space created is!

Kitchen and dining room design with black color

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

So far, black has been considered an additional color to the other lighter tones in most kitchen design ideas. Even in the boldest projects, black was only used for a few pieces of furniture or decorative accents. There was also the myth that black was the color that "makes the room appear smaller."

But now the color black is being reinvented, and the effects are amazing! A room designed with dark shades is not only warm and inviting but can also look more spacious if designed with the right technique.

The all-in-black design can be adapted for rooms of all functionalities. Since the kitchen is usually a focal point of any home, the use of dark colors can create a feeling of a loving, rustic space where everyone can feel comfortable.

We admire the warm intimacy created by this dark style. Here you can see our idea to create a kitchen with black and brown tones, designed with our bespoke Classic style and can be replaced with IKEA Metod doors and fronts.

Made with gold

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

Golden accents have exerted an enormous influence on home design in the last century and have eventually faded. At some point, they were even considered "kitschy", since most of the appliances and decorations in reality only resembled gold and were therefore of low quality.

But here we are, as 2023 finally changes our attitude towards this interesting style. The golden accents are a wonderful way to turn up any interior designed with bright and pale colors. They give a special touch to any cuisine personalized with good and original taste. The important rule here is not to experiment with too much gold, as it is overwhelming and even... can look cheap.

One of the most interesting kitchen design ideas is to combine gold and marble stone. These trends of 2023 are meant for each other because together they create a wonderful space of luxury and minimalism.

Below are examples of black cabinets with a marble countertop. That wouldn't be entire without the golden sink that forms the focal point of this wonderful design. Besides, the golden handles contribute to the clean and extravagant look of this project. Note: the cabinets were designed with Elegance, a collection designed as a replacement for IKEA Metod fronts and doors.

Double kitchen island

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

Who said that installing kitchen islands should be boring? The home décor industry is experiencing a massive return to the essentials as we are all involved in the redesign of some conventional furniture and appliances. There is no longer any reason to stick to traditional and classic solutions! Especially when functionality is our priority.

The double kitchen island is a relatively new trend, most common in both modern and rustic living styles. The idea is as simple as it sounds: two kitchen islands are connected to each other, usually with a wooden countertop, creating an almost architectural form.

As with most kitchen and dining room design ideas, you should take some precautions here as well. One of the most important points here is not to build too large a piece of furniture. Two large islands connected together can make your kitchen more crowded if you're not extra careful with your project. A good idea might be to connect medium-sized peninsulas with a wooden "bridge" that can serve as a wonderful dining table.

We love solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing AND functional. That's why we present one of our favorite projects here: a double kitchen island in the style of Metod Linoleum Basic. It gives the cabinets a polished and clean look, which is especially helpful in kitchens with limited space.

More kitchen and dining room design ideas

Awesome Kitchen and Dining Room Design Ideas For Small House

There are, of course, many more styles that are trending at the moment, but most of them have since the last few seasons. We strongly encourage you to read our previous insights into the most popular trends kitchen and dining room design in 2023. We are proud to say that our products are already appreciated by our customers, as they help them create a space that is not only personalized to their taste but also purpose-oriented. And all this without disposing of the old IKEA furniture or spending a lot of money!

Sounds interesting? Check out our Metod and Faktum collections, specially designed for IKEA kitchen furniture, and start renovating now!