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Holiday Decor With Colourful Christmas Tree

Colourful Christmas Tree

Hey everyone, so for today's video we are talking all things colourful Christmas tree decorating, a huge thank you to the King of Christmas for sponsoring today's video I'll share how I'm decorating my tree this year, some fun tips along the way air drums and Of course, a couple of mishaps stick around: it's going to be a fun video, begin our Christmas decorating. We had to clear out the corner that our tree was going in. So I have this faux Ficus that I made almost about a year ago, and my boys have really kicked the soccer ball through it up a number of times, so it's losing some branches, so we're just gonna put it away for now. This is my huge thrift pot,  - and this is my huge thrift pot in pieces. So just an FYI, our cat didn't get hurt.

Colorful Christmas Tree Ideas

Colourful Christmas Tree

He heard the commotion and ran over to see what was going on, but yeah it completely broke when we were putting it through the door. So that's a bummer, but on a more positive note, our king of Christmas Christmas tree arrived. We are so excited to set it up. It is really large and Tall. We have sloped ceilings, and this little corner is perfect for a really tall Christmas tree.

We thought it would look really cool to do something really large here. So we ordered the 10-foot Royal slim fur from King of Christmas. It came in three boxes and is so easy to put together. It is pretty large, so they are heavy, but it is pretty easy to put together. I was able to do it on my own.

I wanted to go with something a little bit slimmer just because this corner isn't really that large of a corner, but it has the height. So I thought something tall and slim would really fit that corner, but also match the modern aesthetic that we are blending into our Decor more. This is the tree straight out of the box, it does have a larger base and it does need to be fluffed. Quite a bit once it's coming from right out of the box, all of the pieces are labeled a b c and there is a d even, and then, once you clip the pieces of the tree in place, they automatically connect the light. So, there's no manual connecting that you have to connect all of the lights.

If that makes sense, it's all connected once the tree is all put together as with any tree, you should always fluff it. When it comes out of the box, I like to try and make a star shape with the branches just to get them to fill in any bare spots or holes. Anything that is left a little bit more open. You can always cover it with larger ornaments as well, so because this has a larger base, I need a larger tree collar. So these are the tree collars that I've used in the past, but these are for smaller bases.

DIY Christmas Tree

So I'm not going to be able to use these this year, so I was on the hunt for a newer tree collar, although I didn't get it in time. So I'm hoping to get this one and probably spray it black. Just because I really love a black tree base and how modern it is, it'll really fit our aesthetic, but for now, I just put a black blanket that I have. I can link it if you're interested, it still looks really pretty underneath, but um yeah. So this is the tree all lit up and ready to go with an extra little tip.

If you like, a little twinkle in your tree or your lights to flicker, just a tiny bit, you can add a strand of twinkling lights, right down the center of your tree, and it just adds a little bit of kind magic. Some twinkle, if you like that, look so the color scheme I'm going with, is a lot of browns. I wanted to incorporate even a little bit of black. I always love little touches of black here and there, but definitely a lot of browns. Some gold.

Definitely warmer colors. I have a really pretty chocolate brown Velvet Ribbon that I'm going to be incorporating and then some white too, just for some contrast, a little bit of wood in there for some natural type texture. I love this color palette. I think it's going to be really pretty and I like a very kind of more minimal understated. Look.

Of course, you can always go over with the ribbon and really stuff that tree with lots of stuff, but I am a more minimal person and I feel like it saves a little bit of money too. So I'm going to start with these really large ornaments. First, these came from Hobby Lobby and I'm gonna put these more toward the bottom and the middle. These are really large. So I don't want to put these right on the top.

They'll look a little out of place up there, so these are a little bit more of a smaller size and I actually did these. I can link the video last year and I'm going to use them again this year because I love them so much - and here are my little touches of black going in. They do have silver on them. So I'm just going to flip that little silver Mary sign right to the back, so you can see how I'm kind of creating almost a triangle. The way I like to decorate my tree is, I tend to do things in triangles or even a zigzag type pattern.

You want to keep the eye moving. I try to balance out the colors of the ornaments and keep them somewhat separate. I had a full-on Rock session going on. I was pretty much blasting Paramore and Foo Fighters and getting my colorful Christmas tree decorating on and was just rocking out, I have been practicing a lot of drumming lately, so I am constantly doing the eardrums so much fun and I'm really really enjoying it. I would have never thought at 35.

I would be learning how to play the jaw drums, but here we are these cute little wooden ornaments are from the studio McGee line with Target. I love how these have really modern clean lines and then that leather detail on the top is so pretty. These are paper ornaments that came from Hobby Lobby and these were a DIY from last week's video. These are so adorable. These are also DIY.

From last week's video, I will link that this set came from Hobby Lobby. I didn't use glitter, but I love these brown tones. I also used the chocolate brown Velvet Ribbon. I can link that in the description as well, and I left the Tails really long on the ribbon. I wanted to elongate the tree and make it look even taller than it already is.

You can really see the quality of the limbs on this Christmas tree. I was so impressed it's so full. It has really pretty warm white lights. It is a really solid, solid Christmas tree. I am so impressed.

It has a really easy foot switch to operate all of the different lights. There are 1100 lights on this tree and they go from warm white to colored. My kids love the colored lights. We call it a vo Christmas because their great-grandmother loved the colored lights on her tree. So when we're in the party mood, we turn on the colored lights and they even will flicker.

So it's always lots of fun in our house. I'm also loving seeing a Year's worth of DIY projects on the tree they're such a good memory. I love creating and crafting, and it's fun to see it all come together. So after so much planning, I'm so excited to finally share the tree with you guys, and there are still a couple of touches of fall for this video in the background. But we are full on Christmas and releasing those videos slowly so make sure that you guys stay tuned.


There is a lot more Christmas content coming. Let me know in the comments below if you have started colorful Christmas tree decorating or if you usually wait until after Thanksgiving and with that, we will catch you guys next time.