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Living Room Boho Style, Providing a Cheerful Atmosphere in Your Home!

Living Room Boho Style

If the trendy Scandinavian and grand millennial establishments don't suit your style, maybe it's time to discover your bohemian side. Saying goodbye to clean lines, neutral colors and pastel shades opens up whole new possibilities for you to fully discover and express your design personality. The boho-chic-inspired living room is a great place to explore this aesthetic. It's one of the most inspiring and colorful places in your home where you can gather your loved ones, get away from work, read an inspiring new book, or pursue your favorite hobby. Bring a touch of living room boho style with these ideas.

Living room boho style: How to give the room a bohemian style?

Living Room Boho Style

Luckily, it doesn't take much to turn your living room into a unique space if you're looking for unique furniture, discovering art that appeals to you, and finding decorative accents of travel — or places you've always wanted to travel to. In this article, you will find ideas on how to bring boho chic into your living room. These examples will help you awaken your inner designer and give you tips on how to set up the boho style you desire.

1. Bring nature into the house

Whether you're a proud plant parent or have a brown thumb, part of the boho aesthetic is getting inspired by the great outdoors. Luckily, you don't need gardening skills to enjoy the fruits of a palm wallpaper.

2. Layer with patterned rugs

The walls aren't the only place that can do with some color. Also, lay the floor and decorate it with a beautiful patterned carpet. This rug not only looks beautiful but also adds more coziness to the living room.

3. Use a library of color and texture

Do you consider yourself a minimalist? There are still many ways to integrate the boho style in a way that suits your style. A brilliant library wall, for example, brings tasteful pops of color (and plants!) and still looks clean and bright.

4. Living room in boho chic: take over the walls

Art lovers here is something for you. A living room boho style is a perfect place to flaunt your design personality, so frame your pictures and decorate your walls!

5. Shaggy textures create a cozy atmosphere

Whether with a faux fur rug or a shaggy cushion, voluminous, soft textures allow you to easily increase the boho factor in any room. The choice of fabric is important and can be a deciding factor for different room styles.

6. Living room in boho chic: A touch of yellow is always welcome

A great way to realize the boho style is to choose a statement piece and the decoration around it. This design was created around a poppy yellow sofa, and although there are other colors in this room, many elements hark back to the sofa.

7. Let yourself be guided by your artistic side

There is no more boho than an abundance of works of art scattered around your apartment. Whether it's your own masterpieces or canvases you've acquired over the years, presenting a collection of artwork in one place reinforces the sense of bohemian eclecticism.

8. Wooden accents add a distinct texture

Similar to colors, mixing wood surfaces is another stylistic boho touch. Start with the color of your floor (if it's wooden) and continue from there. Look for complementary colors in warm and cool tones, and look for different wood finishes or pieces with different grains.

9. Modernize your space with a touch of industry

A mix of bricks, fairy lights, and colorful books give a living room an ultra-bohemian look. Even the most industrial and modern spaces can be transformed into a boho paradise with the right decorative elements.

10. Living room in boho chic: bet on green

High-contrast colors can completely transform a room. Furnishings in shades of green paired with orange give this boho room a touch of retro. What decoration should not be missing in a boho living room? You can find out here!

11. Add a stool (or two & three)

For an instant touch of boho, poufs and other oversized seating are a cozy and affordable choice. The stools scattered throughout this living room, along with the plants and patterned vintage rug, bring this Victorian room down to earth – and back to the living room boho style.

12. Maximalism is for everyone

It's almost impossible to focus on just one aspect of this living room. His maximalist soul is enlivened by a variety of patterns and materials that give him a touch of boho style.

13. Living room in boho chic: Everything revolves around the plants

If you just want a touch of boho without switching to rattan and macramé, plants will be your best friend. The jungle atmosphere is a simple but surefire way to this free-spirited style.

14. Boho and modernity can exist together

Although technically at the opposite ends of the style spectrum, this living room boho style shows that boho and modernity can coexist peacefully. Here, simple shapes and silhouettes are adorned with colors and textures that tend more toward bohemianism.