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Set Up A Desk Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Desk Childrens Bedroom Furniture

Today, I'm going to do a desk childrens bedroom furniture makeover in my son's bedroom, so we have kind of switched around the layout of it. We've moved some things around. We've got some new furniture because he's now five years old and he just started at school um and I do feel like his needs - have changed a little bit. So we finally got around to doing this and we have gotten some new storage, like toy storage.

IKEA Desk Childrens Bedroom Furniture

For his room as well, we moved his dresser of drawers around we've got a desk for him. I think this was like the main thing that we wanted to get because um since he started at school, he's been really into writing and drawing - and you know just sitting at a proper desk and he's been really wanting to sit in my husband's office because he Has a home office, but obviously, that's not possible throughout the day when my husband's work, so we finally got him his own desk, he was so excited um and yeah. I'm excited to show you what it all looks like. Like he's also asked to move some of his Legos. We might move all of the Legos if they fit in his room.

I think it's because um he's got the little uh baby sister coming very soon, and I think he started to realize because obviously he's a bit older he's five and he started to realize that once baby is here like not in the first few months. But she will start getting into all of his things, so I think he wants to put his Legos nice and safe in his room. So we got a Lego storage for him, so yeah. I am going to insert some clips here from yesterday when we actually put the furniture together because um I was going to do it just me and my husband, but my son really wanted to help um, so we waited until he came home from school. So he could help and it does take longer when they help, but I don't want to discourage him from that, so it was really lovely to build it together and he actually did help to assemble all of it.

So I'll insert some footage here of um how that all went. Nobody told me to settle down. Are you enjoying yourself? What are we building? First Victor?

The desk is first, I think it's this. Yes, I am going to help you. It's like no slacking money. I think that the desk is a table. Look it's the instructions.

Nobody loves me better. Nobody loves me better. Nobody loves me better. Yes, I'm just too scared to settle down there'd, be many nights.

Set Up The Desk

I got too high and almost left. Nobody loves me better. Nobody loves me better, foreign, family. I'm out of reasons, but I'll only tell you that I'm out of time I'm sick of love, songs, I'm tired of this - and I wanna tell you straight just like it is you're watching me, like you, want me still holding back, it is Breathless, foreign, playing.

Show Me Your Love Like it is and Open My Heart, Like You, Fearless Breathless. To show you what it all looks like now: um and kind of the whole makeover um and what changes we've made as well. Okay, so I'll give you an overview of the room, and then I'll just go like step by step with you. What we kind of did in here - so I think I'll start from here with the new desk, that we got um but yeah. We do have a lot more floor space I mean it's, not a massive room, but he's got a lot more floor space in here to build his Legos.

He used to have a little bench here. You can kind of see the indents on the floor and that little bench was actually this thing right here, so we just turned it around, so it can. It can still fit um some of his books there um and then now he has all of this floor. Space to play like build his Legos um and then this is the desk that we got so this is kind of his desk area and I think it looks really lovely um. It's really tiny, so it doesn't take too much space, but I feel like he still has quite a bit of desk childrens bedroom furniture area for him to obviously write and draw, and things like that, so the desk that we got is Mickey's desk by Ikea.

They have these in different sizes and different layouts. I think you can also customize a lot of them and he's also got this drawer to kind of put things in there um and then on top of the desk. We also got the Ikea pegboard um. They have these. In a few sizes as well, this is the hottest I think it's called the scavi spec board and they also have loads of accessories you can put on there.

You can pick your own, I just kind of customized it, so I just got a few of them. Um, like these were some notebooks. I got some for pants. I got these little Clips, so he can hang his little paintings or drawings, which he really likes. He already did somehow last night and then one of those for little knickknacks, um, and yeah.

Choose The Chair

So that's kind of his desk set up, and then we also got this chair from IKEA. I can't remember the name of it. It was like a more complicated name on the Ikea website, but it's just the kid's desk chair. They have these in pink gray or blue. I believe.

Obviously, my son chose blue because that's what he prefers. It's a really lovely chair. I really like the design of it. It's very minimalist, which is my style um and we kind of had a little Panic. Last night when we were building it because it was very low like it was just up to the air, we were thinking.

Oh no, it's not gonna, be you know a good size for the desk because he was so low. He could barely reach to the right. On there, so I checked the website again because I could have sworn that. I saw that it's a swivel chair and you can also adjust the height. So I checked it again and yes, it said you can adjust the height.

You just have to spin it around. Quite a few times, and then it lifts up or it goes down so crisis averted. It is height adjustable, so that was perfect um and it is a swear vulture, obviously, because he really wanted to have one um like his father, um, so yeah, that's his desk set up and he's really really happy with this. I think it looks really lovely too and then obviously on this side he's got the pad. This is also an Ikea, but the bottom bed.

I think it's called, and I have a separate video on that. If you kind of wants to see a review and how we built it, everything like that and I will link that down below it's a double bed, because we sometimes come in here with him, and I didn't want to sleep on the floor anymore. That's why we got this um a few years ago. I think and then obviously he's got his books. Then, on this side, he's got his War wardrobe and you might remember we had if you've watched the previous videos, we had a dresser with drawers in here.

So we actually put it inside of the Wardrobe in here, so that it saves some floor space, so he used to have this just out on the side um, which is amazing that it fits in there. This is the Ikea colon set of drawers, just in case you're wondering so. I was really impressed that it actually fits and obviously, he's got loads of clothes in there and then some hung up here um. So that's his wardrobe set up and then one other thing that we bought for in here and we built it last night. Is this Ikea troll fast system?

I think that's what it's called. They come in a few different sizes. You can also pick how many boxes you want inside what size you want, and what color. So we picked just white and um turquoise blue for him, and he really likes these and we're going to put Legos in there. I think mainly Legos because he has so many of them um, and I thought this would be a good way to store them and kind of organ nice them a bit, yeah, and I like that.

It's got these smaller ones and obviously, the Legos will not fall through because we have some other type of baskets downstairs which you might have seen, but they have um they're like Wolverine baskets and they um the little pieces get a bit lost in there. So these will be perfect for Legos and then he's also got some of these larger tubs that can actually fit quite a bit in there. So that's perfect for the bigger pieces of Lego and yeah. That is what his room looks like now. Nobody told me to settle down day nights and late nights don't get around, but there's something about it.

Concluding Words

Yes, I hope you have enjoyed this article. I hope. Maybe it gave you some ideas, some inspiration to make a desk childrens bedroom furniture, if you need to do your kid's rooms or just want to do a makeover or just need some inspiration on how to use the space that you have so yeah. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you're having a lovely day.